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How do I love the smelly things? Let me count the ways!
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5th-Oct-2006 12:57 pm - Colorado BPAL Meet-N-Sniff
Finally! It's that time again, I know we're all itching to get together and share all our new scents... Carnaval Diabolique, The Order of the Dragon, Picnic in Arkham, Halloween scents and all the new general catalogs!
So, let's do it!
This time we're switching things up a bit... we're having an evening Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Meet-N-Sniff and we're trying a new location, Double Daughters. Those of you who haven't been there, it's a gorgeous bar with a Tim Burton/Edward Gorey feel to it. Perfect for us huh? They also have Happy Hour form 5-8 and great drink specials that start at 9. We will have the lounge part with couches and table reserved for us upstairs

Remember, you don't have to own any BPAL to come, this is a great opportunity for you to sniff the scents and maybe even swap or buy a few off others. For those of you that do have BPAL, bring as much as you're comfortable with. I usually bring some of the rarer scents and of course the new ones.

Here are the details:

Colorado BPAL Meet-N-Sniff
Friday October 20th
Double Daughters Salotto
1632 Market St (near 16th and Market)
Denver CO

Please RSVP here so I can have a good idea of how many to expect.
Thanks everyone!!!
25th-Aug-2006 01:31 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone <3 I've just cleaned out my perfume collection as I need extra cash for college. I wanted to give you all a heads up that all things fragrant are listed at my selling journal, right here! Thanks for looking. Mods, if this isn't allowed, let me know and I will be happy to take down my post.


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2nd-Mar-2006 03:27 pm - Hooray for Moisturizing!
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I've put myself on a shopping ban until June - no Bpal, books, cds, etc. The exceptions that I made were for the Harry Potter DVD and for lotion & body butter if I ran out or almost out.

Hooray, I'm almost out! This means that I could spend a little bit and buy some lotion and body butter. So, I went to MMU first and bought: Hemp-isphere in Chai, Jojoba-E Body Lotion in ThaiPhoon, and Sweet Fluff Body Butter in Whiskers and Buttermint Candy. After that, I went to Skindazzles and bought Whipped Body Frosting in: Rice Flower & Shea Type, Mayan Gold, Pumpkins on Parade, Breathless, and Lemon Sugar.

Of course, all of those are in smallish sizes - barring the Rice Flower and Shea since that's what I reach for when I don't know what I can wear under my Bpal of the day. Everything else was selected to go with various Bpal scent categories that I have.

It'll be great when the two orders arrive. Not only will it be fun to get girl stuff in the mail when I haven't for a while, but I'll need the stuff. I only have little bits of maybe 5 scents left and they just don't go with everything as you can imagine.

It's too bad I don't have a good reason to buy Bpal - like I've run out or something. Because I'd just love to. But, no. Must resist. This will have to be my smelly treat for the next three months. Then I can order some Bpal. Then another shopping ban. WAH!
18th-Feb-2006 02:02 pm - February FREE perfume vial lottery
Pookie, PookieCat, Maria van Bruggen
Seventh Scent has a February "hat winner" lottery, We will not be able to pick up 3 winners as we did in a opening but we definately will have monthly "hat pick ups" for members of Seventh Scent journal ONLY, so if you are interested to participate and win a FREE perfume vial - please leave your name in lottery post in seventhscentlab . We will be pulling out our winner hopefully on Monday.

17th-Feb-2006 10:36 am - Oops, I did it again!
Calico Kitty - Grrr
There is a bath & body product company out of Canada, called MMU Cosmetics. I have ordered from them in the past, but found myself unemployed and .. well .. little luxuries fall by the wayside.

But mom sent me money for my birthday and Christmas, and since we're getting our bills paid of in the refinance with Founders, I though I'd go ahead and finally use some of that money. I hadn't intended on it even, but they have a Silver Mountain Water dupe, and Jason absolutely loves that scent. So I decided first that I'd buy him a roll-on scent of it, as well as some body-wash. And then .. well, they have a free shipping special, and a 15% off 55$ coupon, so I had to get that far.

This is what I bought:

Purity Parfum Roll-On - 10 ml. , (Silver Mountain)
Wash Me Aloe-Ver - 8 fl. oz. with Pump , (Silver Mountain)

Purse Stick Perfume - 0.15 oz. , (Amber Del Nepal)
Whipped Bath Butter - 2 oz. , (*Rhapsody in Orange)
Whipped Bath Butter - 2 oz. , (*Sambuca)
Diamond In The Buff - 8 oz. , (Sands of Morocco)
Perfume My Room - 2.5 fl. oz , (Bedtime Bath)

The scents:

Amber Del Nepal
This is incredible! Hands down one of the sexiest Amber sniffs out there! Rich, feminine, yet fresh and even slightly airy, with spicy notes that will have you thinking of hunky bods preferrably with the handsome, sexy face of Clive Owen! Told ya it was that good! This beautiful Amber dries down to a rich, and deliciously sweet Vanilla. Warm and comforting, like a very expensive cashmere sweater that hugs and warms the body like nothing else. This is Amber at it's utmost everything!

Bedtime Bath
The sweetest, mellowest bouquet with notes of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, neroli, lily of the valley, hay, musk, and sandalwood. A wonderful sniff for when a gentle, soothing, and peaceful scent is required.

Rhapsody in Orange
A sunny, glowing twirl of vivid Fresh Squeezed Orange, rich Vanilla Smoothie and spicy Clove…like a sleek, sensual Brazilian samba spin under a steaming sunset! Feel your body want to shimmy when you get a whiff of this joyous scent! Thanks to die-hard MMU fiend Heather (Andromedii) for crafting this delectable blend! ~EMS

Sambuca (also spelt Sambucca) is an anise-flavored liqueur. It is usually a clear liquid. This is often referred to as white sambuca in order to differentiate it from derivative spirits that are deep blue in color (known as black sambuca) or bright red (red sambuca). Traditionally drunk with a coffee bean or two dropped in the liqueur. Our wearable version of the white Sambuca is a revitalizing, sweet, and lush sniff combining fresh and fiesty Anise, and warm and sensual Amaretto, with just a hint of Sugar-y sweetness. A great unisex fragrance, and absolutely wonderful in Shavettes! ~EMS

Sands of Morocco
A sensual blend of carnation, sandalwood, and hints of vanilla, and musk.

Silver Mountain
The original, Silver Mountain Water was inspired by wild, fresh water and the natural splendor, strength and light of the French Alps. We have captured this incredible scent in our version of Silver Mountain: A refreshing infusion of Green Tea and Black Currants, Silver Mountain is as bracing as a pure mountain waterfall in Spring time. Sure to become a favorite for many MMU fiends. A wonderful dupe of Silver Mountain Water by Creed!
Hi! I just joined this community. I hope to meet fellow candle lovers in the process.

I'm addicted to Yankee Candle. Everytime I go there I spend far too much money then I intended to. Good thing my addiction hasn't put me in debt. I adore the discontinued Aromatherapy line, especially Lavender & Herb and Ylang Ylang Mimosa. I was saddened to learn they just discontinued their Home Fragrance collection, including Orchid Rain, which was one of my favorites.

They just introduced their new spring line, which I must say is one of the best in years! I suggest everyone check out "Queen Ann's Lace", "Country Linen" and "Cottage Breeze". All are really fresh smelling, if you like that sorta thing!
19th-Jan-2006 12:52 am - Glar. Ebay Auctions
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The bank account is hollow and 'tis far too many turns of the sun until I see some coin. Thusly, and sadly, I put some Bpal up on eBay. Partial bottles of Frost Moon, Midway, Ice Queen, Cold Moon, Devil's Night, and the very last of Formula 54. I kinda hate to do it, but I'd probably be more upset if I didn't have heat because I couldn't pay the wickedly high gas bill. So, yeah. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZpkdragonfly

Go buy stuff.
12th-Nov-2005 10:17 pm - *poke*
walk this way
Villainess LE update.


('Cause I can't be the only one whining about the state of my wallet, yo.)
27th-Sep-2005 01:11 pm - Autumn / Harvest / Halloween scents
Me: Illustrated
So-- spill. What smelly things are your mainstays for the season? What do you have on order? What things are you lusting after?

What I have: BPAL oils in Samhain, Mabon, Harvest Moon 2004, Lughnasadh, Hamadryad, The Lion, The Hesperides, Bengal, and Jack. I have pretty much all of the Yankee tarts in Fall/Spicy scents-- I particularly like Pumpkin Pie and Harvest. I'm in love with the Witches' Brew seasonal, too. FeMaledictions oils in Sleepy Hollow, Descent, Pumpkinhead, Bewitch, and Witchy Treats, as well as her soap in Merry Hallowe'en and an Irate Jack O'Lantern soap. Pumpkin face mask from Bath & Body Works.

What I've got on order: BPAL's Harvest Moon, Pumpkin Patch, Devil's Night, Dia de Los Muertos 2005, and Samhain 2005. A Femaledictions gift bag with one vial each of her limited edition scents. Skindazzles bath meringue in Boo, and whipped body frostings in Pumpkins on Parade, Abracadabra, and Halloween Cupcakes, as well as a few Ichabombs.

What I'm lusting after: The Halloween stuff from DarkCandles. The new gift set from Femaledictions. Pumpkin soap from DarkSwan. And I really would like a Halloween sample from DSH. A sample of Samhain Night from Toadstool soaps.

What are your preferred Autumnal smellies?
And who's interested in an Autumn scent sample swap?
25th-Sep-2005 03:54 pm - E-tailers and body products poll.
Hey, guys! I just made a poll asking about your favorite e-tailers and your favorite scents/products. I'm not using your answers for any type of research, I'm just genuinely interested (and I love being enabled to other companies). I tried to make the poll as extensive as I could by including all-encompassing options; It's pretty detailed and I really tried hard not to leave anyone out.

That being said, I would really appreciate it if you'd take the time to do it. I'm really curious as to how you guys will respond to the questions.

For statistical purposes on the first question, please don't abbreviate the name on the first question.

Poll #577201 E-tailers and body products!

Who is your favorite e-tailer (only pick one)?

Do you prefer larger, corporate companies or smaller cottage industry companies?

Corporate/larger companies, but only if they're vegan.
Corporate/larger companies.
Cottage industry/smaller companies, but only if they're vegan.
Cottage industry/smaller companies.
It doesn't matter as long as they're vegan.
It doesn't matter as long as the products are good.

What is your all-time favorite scent and who makes it?

What is your favorite type of good-smelly product?

Lotions or body butters
Perfumes (alcohol based)
Fragrance oils (carrier oil based) or essential oils
Bath bombs
Dry oil sprays
Candles or tarts
Body, linen, or room mists/sprays (with or without alcohol)
Shampoos, conditioners
Salt or sugar scrubs
Shower gels

Do you buy more seasonal/limited scents or more catalog scents?

It doesn't matter, I buy whatever strikes my fancy.
It depends on the price, size, or availability.

What category of scents do you find yourself more drawn to?

Gourmand, foody
Predominantly fruity
Oriental, spicy, incensey
Predominantly floral
Musky, animalistic
Earthy, woody
Green, herbal
Aquatic, ozone, oceanic

What are your favorite notes? (Limit is 255 characters)

If you couldn't fit all of your favorite notes in the last text box, here's another. :)

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