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Make Mine Smelly
How do I love the smelly things? Let me count the ways!
Colorado BPAL Meet-N-Sniff is this Sunday! 
11th-Jul-2008 08:22 am

Do you want to meet other people who love Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab or find out more about this fabulous perfume oil company?
Join us this Sunday July 13th for our next "Meet-N-Sniff"! Feel free to bring whatever you'd like... imps, bottles, your whole collection or just stuff you want to swap... whatever seems best to you. Bring friends who are new to BPAL as well, we love being enablers!! I have tons and tons of scents... rares, LE's, GC's, you name it. Also quite a few TAL and BPTP items. If you are looking to check out a specific blend, make sure to post here so I remember to bring it.

Sunday July 13th
@ Cafe Netherworld
1278 Pennsylvania St (13th & Penn)
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 861-8638
Cap Hill, Denver

Cafe Netherworld is a wonderful cafe/coffeehouse/bar. They serve New Orleans styled food, adult beverages and coffee of course. They have a great staff who love love us and always ask us to come back. It's a relaxed vibe, big tables and plaenty of seating and they play some super fun music to keep us chipper. They even provide cups of coffee beans to clear our sniffers! It's easy to get to, right in the center of Cap Hill in Denver.

Please reply here (trying to keep comments in one place) if you plan to come because I need RSVP's so I can let the cafe know how many of us to expect. :)
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